Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is a deluxe resort in the Walt Disney World Resort. It is particularly noteworthy for the fact that many of its rooms offer views of savannas with living African wildlife. Here are some additional resources for Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge:

The Jiko Filet Mignon

The long and contentious history of the filet mignon at Jiko includes a wide variety of sides. Fortunately the meat continues to be fantastic.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

In the Animal Kingdom Lodge, otherwise known as the AKL, Disney has designed an African-inspired resort that truly is like no other found in Walt Disney World. From views of wild animals roaming the savannas to daily African-themed activities, this deluxe resort is a unique way for guests to experience the magic of Disney.

Kidani Village vs. Jambo House: Which Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas Should You Choose?

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge in Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fl, is one of the newest Disney resort hotels to offer Disney Vacation Club (DVC) accommodations. The Disney Vacation Club--Disney's timeshare program--has accommodations at two sections of the Animal Kingdom Lodge hotel.

While the DVC villas in Jambo House opened last year, Kidani Village has just opened in May 2009. We endeavor here to compile some of the reviews we've read and received in order to give you some pros and cons of both locations.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Concierge Accommodations

One of the best ways to experience Disney World's authentic, African safari-themed resort hotel, Animal Kingdom Lodge, is by staying in the exclusive concierge level accommodations: the "Kilimanjaro Club." Enjoy high-end, round the clock service, complimentary food and beverages, exclusive safari opportunities, and more by choosing Animal Kingdom Lodge Concierge. 

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