Green Savings Strategies

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the global warming and greenhouse gas emissions issues, but the good news is, as an individual or family making sustainable changes to your life can make a difference to the health of the planet and its future. The most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to make your entire home and life green all at once, and nor do you have to make every aspect of your life carbon-offset or entirely green – the most effective way you can make green savings is by making changes which you and your family can stick to now and in the future. The best part is, while you’re saving the planet, you’ll also be saving yourself money too.

How Far Below Your Means?

If you're asking yourself how far below your means you should live, you may be asking yourself the wrong question. Learning how to look at your finances through the right attitude is key in developing security in your life.

Living Below Your Means

If you are looking to save money or get out of debt, one of the most obvious methods is to live below your means. That is a suggestion that has many meanings. The key to realizing this idea however is to understand that the status of life is about presenting an image and true financial freedom is the ultimate status symbol.

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