How to Claim Lost Property

Most of us think that claiming lost property is not for the majority. The reality betrays the common notion about the process of claim. Almost 80% of us have left behind cash and property at some point and failed to claim it. As the time goes by, the desire to claim our lost property fades and slowly it goes down in our list of priorities. But, who doesn’t need their hard earned cash or property?

Most of the state governments and the federal authorities are aware of the volume of unclaimed cash property. They have created laws and public-interest regulations that expedite the process of identification and retrieval of unclaimed or lost property. Most of the searches for lost properties can be performed online from the comfort of your home. Online search forms make it easier for citizens to formally apply for the claim of the lost property.

What Will the Federal Government do for Me?

Federal government ensures that your lost or unclaimed cash or property is secure and it can be retrieved through a proper channel and through a prescribed process. Contrary to the notion, federal government will not find the money for you, although it provides you with all the tools and databases of unclaimed and lost property to make the search on your own. In addition, every state manages its own database of unclaimed property and has its own rules for claiming the lost property or money. Apart from the federal and state government and agencies, there are a few reputable and reliable private firms which assist in claiming your lost property.

How Should I go About it?

In this age of internet pervasiveness, some of the most obscured information is available on the internet, only if you knew where and how to find it. So, if you have lost property or unclaimed cash, the first place would be to go on the internet and start looking for unclaimed or ‘lost property’ databases in your state – or to be more precise, the state where you presumably lost your property. The following practical steps would go a long way towards the planning for the ‘claim of your lost property’

  • Make a list of the states where you have lived
  • Make a list of the organizations where you have worked in the past
  • A list of banks where you had your account will also help in the process
  • Identify the most reliable databases for unclaimed property or money
  • Identify any reliable agency which has a good reputation

Once you have performed the above actions, it is time to find your lost property. You can start by entering your personal and professional details in each of the above databases and organize the results (with contact details of the authorities). In addition to the personal investigation, you can also seek the help of professional search agencies which have very nominal fees. At the end of the above process, it is time to make personal contact with the authorities who are in charge of your lost property. You are almost there!

Another option is to log on to This website is one of the largest databases for unclaimed money. Once you go to the website, enter your name in the search. The website will look through multiple databases, and collect all of the unclaimed money or property that matches that name. It is an easy way to find all unclaimed funds in one website!

Take a deep breath and wait for the return of your lost money or unclaimed cash!

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Most Americans have unclaimed money or property and are unaware of it. The best way to find this unclaimed money is to log on to This website collects information from multiple databases and allows you to gather all unclaimed money in one website! Log on to today to find unclaimed money!

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